4 Digital Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

In today’s modern, technologically advanced landscape, it is essential that your digital marketing campaigns are successful and give you more customers and more profit. So many people work and play online that using the internet for promotions, competitions, and marketing in general is a must. You need to go where your potential customers are, and they are likely to be online. Here are some ways to market your business digitally.


Digital Marketing Campaign #1 – Social Media

Social media is perhaps the most visited type of website around, so it pays to use it to market your company. The key to using social media effectively when it comes to digital marketing is to pick one channel (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on) to focus on. Using all the platforms is fine for individuals, but if you want to really create a strong campaign, one social media site is the best option. It means you can keep complete control of what is happening, and how people are interacting with you. It will depend on what your business sells or supplies, and who your target audience is as to which platform will work best for you.


Digital Marketing Campaign #2 – Giveaways

Another great way to do well at digital marketing campaigns are to run competitions and giveaways. Competitions are ideal for engaging with more and more followers, and persuading them to share your posts more often (this could even be the way that they can enter the competition). If you do run competitions, the prize will need to be something of high value such as ticket sales for a quality show or a spa break in a nice hotel.


Digital Marketing Campaign #3 – Email Marketing

Email marketing can work well when it comes to establishing loyalty – and loyalty is something that can bring you more and more sales, as the people who enjoy using your company, and who have received good service from you, will come back time and again. If you can gather your customers’ email details, then you can send out newsletters to let them know about promotions and events that you are running. Even if you don’t tend to run promotions that often, a bi-monthly newsletter about what’s happening in the business can still help you – it will keep your company name and details in the minds of those who are likely to use you the most. You can sign up for a free email marketing service online. Some of them have pre-designed templates so creating a newsletter has never been easier.


Digital Marketing Campaign #4 – Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to grow your digital marketing campaigns – and those reading your blogs may not even realize that this is marketing, making it even more well received! Writing an informative blog post, and writing one regularly, will soon position you as an expert in your field, and you can demonstrate your knowledge to those who are reading. If you can combine these blog posts with your social media platform you will have an even greater reach. If you can include competitions and giveaways, special offers, or promotions in them as well, then more and more people will read the blogs, enjoy them, and share them with their friends and family, and your reach will grow organically.


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