4 Important Tampa SEO Services You Can’t Go Without!

Being involved in the Tampa SEO industry for over 6 years now, I have to say that there are more frivolous SEO service offerings floating around out there now more than ever! When the “Anti-spam” efforts from Google came out in 2010, it separated the men from the boys (as it were), creating an “SEO class system” so-to-speak. As a specialist in the industry, I began to see the categories of SEO companies emerge – “those that delivered results”, “those that delivered long-term results” and “those that don’t deliver at all.”

“I believe this segregation of quality is due to both Google’s growth as a search engine and the demand for affordable SEO.”Local Tampa SEO Services

Think about it – from just indexing content to actively generating relevant search suggestions, it has really evolved over the years and now Google’s become the common-day oracle. 4,5,6 years ago a company could get decent ranking increases from simple (mostly automated) services like article submissions, forum blasts, blog post comments, and spammy link building practices. This was MUCH cheaper than creating custom content, manual link building, & networking with industry thought leaders.


Now-a-days It Takes Strategy, Planning, & Dedication to Get High Google Rankings

If you’re not selecting the right keywords, blogging daily, keeping up with industry trends, and actively seeking networking opportunities with market leaders, you’re behind in the Google game!!! When Google began it’s “anti-spam” efforts back in 2010 (and especially in 2012 with the Penguin update) it sent a number of “lazy SEO companies” running for the hills!!! That’s when rumors like “SEO is dead” and all that other none-sense began to trickle into internet marketing blogs and websites around the globe. As Google’s a.i. technology continues to grow in human communication through Google voice, text-to-chat phone features and more, SEO will require value, quality and creativity if site owners hope to have long-term success online. Unfortunately, their will also be those “lazy SEOs” who will never change their ways, and continue to offer cheap, sub-par, out-dated SEO services simply because there is still a demand for it!

Tampa SEO strategyIf you’ve ever sought out help on freelance sites like: Elance, Freelancer, Fiverr or Warrior Forum, you know exactly how prevalent these types of ‘SEO scams’ can be. However, that is not to say that effective SEO services cannot be found on these freelance sites (they most certainly can!) But you will need to know which SEO services are being used and for what purposes so you can select the appropriate Tampa SEO services that will be absolutely necessary to help you increase web traffic and rankings.

With so many various services and packages offered by SEO companies, there’s no wonder why so many Tampa business owners I consult with are confused as to what services they really need to improve the visibility of their sites online. Although each service has it’s own special place in a campaign, there are a few you simply can’t be successful without.

Here are the 4 most important local Tampa SEO services to make sure you cover for an effective SEO campaign:

  1. Keyword & Market Research

Tampa SEO professionals have expert knowledge in finding the best keyword for your website which will form the foundation of your online marketing investment. This is why research should be one of the first SEO services to invest in. About 20% of your SEO budget should go towards keyword & market research. Nearly all SEO companies have professionally trained keyword researchers, who use multiple techniques to find the most profitable keywords that will best work for your specific business. Your focus keywords should generate lots of results when someone is searching for your products or services. With the right keywords your Tampa business is going to have a very successful marketing campaign, select the wrong keywords and you won’t see any new web traffic – this is why you should have your research done by a professional with years of experience.

  1. Content Creation & Marketing
    Blogging Equals More Organic Web Traffic

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This is another Tampa SEO services you cannot leave out. The amount of web traffic and increase in ranking positions will vary greatly depending on how much content you publish and actively market. This is why at least 25% of your SEO budget should go towards content creation. Not only does quantity matter, the quality & purpose of your content also matters a great deal when it comes to how successful your online marketing efforts will be. Be sure your or the Tampa SEO Company you choose to work with offers high quality content creation, because this will be a valuable asset for years to come. The content that you create today, can be re-written and re-curated to create more content in the future!

Site owners also should keep in mind that search engines can only provide results based on the information and content found on the website. If your site is low on publishing value-giving content on a regular basis, then you’re probably not getting many new visitors to your site either. Quality content on a consistent basis = higher website traffic! The right Tampa SEO company will help you to find a balance between engaging copy and keyword rich copy that will encourage conversions.

  1. Link Building

Link building is one of the most important SEO services you should put a lot of effort into doing properly. This service should take up a minimum of 30% of your total SEO budget. This is because getting more inbound links to your site, will gain you a lot of traffic in the long run while also building up authority and popularity which help increase search engine rankings. The Tampa SEO company you hire, should have good link building skills. Enabling them to develop a network of contacts, establish relationships with webmasters, as well as gaining the knowledge of how to look out for the best link building opportunities for each client. SEO companies do vary greatly in their link building methods so be sure to start with a consultation first discuss your goals & their link building recommendations to meet those goals.

Tampa business owners should know that although manual link building methods cost more than semi-automated practices, they are also MUCH more effective and hold authority longer. Some SEO companies choose to price their manual link building services by the hour, where-as others prefer to set certain prices for various link qualities. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to pricing however, if you are seeking a link builder who will seek out high authority link building opportunities just in your industry, you’ll most likely be working with a company that charges by the hour.

  1. SEO Web Development & Optimization

This is an element which is very important but too often skipped in SEO campaigns. Ensuring your site is well-designed for conversions, optimized with your keywords, has a speedy load time and is free from coding errors is a must! This is because, web development is focused around providing an effortless visitor experience. Good web design should be aware of visitor needs and find the best way of displaying that information. Getting a web development consultation before starting any SEO campaigns will ensure you choose the right platform at the beginning of the process, especially when you are designing a content management system, technical platform, shopping cart software & other design key elements. Although web design & development services may cost a bit more than monthly SEO services, they will usually be one-time services and can greatly affect visitor conversions. Leave at least 25% of your total budget to any necessary web development work that may need to be taken care of. Redesigns can come later, once you’ve begin to see an increase in web traffic.

These are the four most important Tampa SEO services that you must include in your online marketing strategy when working with a Tampa SEO company.

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