How Email Can Influence SEO

We all know that email cannot directly affect SEO rankings because Google spiders are not going to crawl mail boxes, but does it really have no influence over your SEO rankings at all? As it turns out, it can indeed have an impact on a site’s search engine rankings, provided you know how to do that of course. Read on to understand how you can turn an effective email marketing campaign into something that will also boost your page rankings significantly.

Target Traffic

Imagine a scenario where you have just posted something on your blog that’s quite relevant to your field and your target audience will find it to be important; what do you do now? Of course, the right SEO optimization will allow your post to reach a lot of people, but the traffic generated will include a good deal of generic traffic as well. On the other hand, if you take that post and make it the highlight of your next promotional email marketing campaign, it will reach everyone on your list and given that your email list should only consist of relevant parties, every email you send will have the potential to generate relevant and targeted traffic. You should also encourage readers to share and comment on social media, which could essentially bring you even more relevant traffic.

A Steady Flow of Relevant Traffic

Now, for this to work, you also need to have engaging content that’s relevant to the users you are targeting, so you need to concentrate on that part first. Once you think you have what you need to get your audience hooked, make email subscription on your site as easy as possible. After a few email marketing campaigns, once you do have that solid list of subscribers that mostly consists of businesses and people you want in your list, you will continue to have a steady flow of useful traffic all the time. The key to doing this successfully is, of course, relevant traffic and engaging content.

Post that Newsletter

Regular posts are a must for a blog if you want Google to index your website and you probably know that already. However, what you might not have noticed is the fact that many of your newsletters could make for excellent blog posts as well. The newsletters that you have taken so much time in preparing, organizing, and writing down have so far been limited only to the mailboxes of your clients, but by turning them into posts, you could be engaging those crawlers and getting new clients and traffic in the process.

As you can see, email marketing is a multifaceted tool that has more uses than we often give it credit for. However, to take full advantage of everything that email marketing can offer a business, the most important thing that you need is a list of valid and relevant email addresses. This is where The Email Finder service comes in with their excellent free-to-use model that allows a business owner to find the applicable B2B email addresses.

It is easy to assume that in today’s world of social media marketing, email marketing is becoming irrelevant, but the truth is far from it. If anything, we can see from this article here that businesses are actually finding additional uses for email!

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