Follow These Tips To Simplify Your Social Media Strategy


Follow These Tips To Simplify Your Social Media Strategy

Follow These Tips To Simplify Your Social Media Strategy

First Get Clear About Your Content Purpose:

No matter what your purposes are for creating content, there’s something valuable you’re hoping to achieve with your efforts otherwise, you wouldn’t be taking the time to do it in the first place. To be successful with content marketing, first get clear on what goals you hope to achieve with the content your preparing to publish.

To begin, first ask yourself what the goal of the content is going to be. (This can and should change from time to time based on the goals to be met at the moment.)

  • Awareness Purposes: If you’re hoping to increase brand awareness for product or services it should be things like blogs, social media posts or banner ads (for sales).
  • User Research Purposes: Millions of people research online. To help those users find the useful data they’re looking for, creating things like buying guides, white papers and PDFs will be a sure way to increase your traffic and brand visibility.
  • Authority Purposes: How do you stand out from the crowd when there are many other companies out there doing what you do? Since customers will always be to comparing you to your competition, the best thing to do is cater to the needs of your target market as closely as possible. Do your best to engage and appeal to searchers by publishing “top 10″,“best of lists” and inside-industry tips. And always remember to actively interact with your followers on social media on a regular basis to maintain an active fan base.

Gather Lots of Current Data:

It is important to integrate your keywords into your entire content marketing effort. Start researching keywords that fit well with your brand and that your customers are using to search your industry. Double check the keywords you select are current and actively being used in search. You can also create a content marketing template with Excel that will help you plan and create future content along with reminding you what keywords to utilize. Organizing and grouping your keywords can really streamline your content marketing efforts and make it much easier to integrate them throughout your content.

Stay Fresh with an Editorial Calendar

Utilizing an editorial content calendar can house your keywords, content planning, and social posts while helping you plan when to post it all. Producing fresh new content on a weekly basis can get expensive–especially since the internet updates faster than many people can keep up with. Be sure to set out a certain time each week/month to refresh your content planner to stay up-to-date and help reduce the burden on your content creators.

Leverage The Data Currently Available

So much information is available online is it incomprehensible to wrap your mind around it all! There are a few things however, you can do to better use your time and leverage your content strategy to help take it to the next level:

  • Listen To The Customers: Crowd-sourcing and contest ideas are great ways to find out what your audience wants and then giving it to them. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Review Your Analytics: Analyze your number of page views, click-thrus, content/website interlinking, and keyword derivatives are just a few of the ways web analytics can be used with your content planning to make sure your content is relevant and found by search engines.
  • Social Data: The companies ranking highest in the SERPs analyze their competition. Find out who your prospects are following, what they talk about and what types of content they publish. This can help give you inspiration to improve your own content for better engagment.
  • A/B Split Test: the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can split test – the more you are able to test, the better your strategies and results will be. Start off with simple things you can tweak like, article/post titles, posting times, and what type of content is shared on different platforms.

 Find The Top Social Influencers

Engages influencers are the people who your content speaks to, so much in fact that they’re motivated to share it with others. These Market Influencers tend to be on social platforms more often than not and often have many followers of their own. Some traits of top social influencers are high number of social shares and comments, and back links. Influencers can also be narrowed down into several different categories; a few major ones include: colleagues/coworkers, thought leaders, family, celebrities, corporations/large companies. No matter what category they fall into, if you are able to interest these social influencers, then you’ll have the ability to help increase your company reach it’s target audience with a lot less effort on your part.

Build Your Brand with Top Influencers – The Right Away

Influencing top social leaders with content marketing is not an accident it is an active effort and requires a few steps.

  1. You’ll have to start slowly, by giving them valuable content, asking nothing in return. Citing or promoting them in social is a great way to show the influencer you care, and that you’re willing to share their material with no strings attached.
  2. Interact with them on social media. (Be sure to find their preferred platform and use that)
  3. Consistently engage with them on social. Don’t just interact until you get what you want, keep the relationship going. Continue to engage with them every now and then so they don’t think you were simply using them for a link or promotion.
  4. After you’ve established contact and have had a few replies back and forth. Then you can send them a personal message with a value proposition for them.
  5. After a month or so, restart with Step 1 again to maintain the relationship you just built! Sometimes you can even get DoFollow links this way!

Use Tools for Research & Measurement

There are a tons of great social media tools out there that can help you find what your prospects are talking about, see what are the current hot topics, and find the social influencers that will be the be the entourage of your brand. Here are a few free social media tools to that will help you get started right away:

  • Buzzsumo: Free tool that’s great for finding influencers on particular topics
  • IceRocket: A free tool for finding the hottest posts on Facebook, Twitter or blogs.
  • Hootsuite: – Dashboard to help you streamline your social media strategy for posting to sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & LinkedIn (they have a free plan available)

Remember: A thorough content marketing strategy should take into account everything from keywords, content purpose, giving unique & valuable content, interal and external inter-linking, posting to social networks, networking with top social influencers and knowing when to post as well as actively reviewing your analytics to improve your efforts.


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