How to Get Started On Your Web Content Strategy

By now you know the benefits of having a web content strategy, now it’s time to start building your content plan. Before you do keyword research, setup a content creation calendar, or gather necessary information needed for your posts, read over the following list to help you mentally prepare.

digitial content strategyFirst Decide What Topic/s You’ll Cover

In order to create a quality content plan, first you’ll need to choose the topics you’ll want to discuss most often. Start with your company’s specialty – what are you really good at and know a lot about? From there, what sub-topics can you cover to ensure you’ll have plenty of original, unique content.

Focus On Your Audience

Understanding the needs and wants of your target audience, as well as measuring their activity is critical to your success with content marketing. Analyzing this data on a regular basis will help you create more interesting, sharable, and engaging future web content that’s sure to get you more followers.

Also remember that there will be other audiences on different social platforms…

  • Who will be your secondary target audience when you’re planning new content?
  • Who are the top social influencers of your main target audience? (take notice of their patterns!)
  • What are the right social media networks for you to focus on for your industry?
  • What’s the latest news on social media networks in your industry?

You Want Your Content To Be Seen? Use an SEO Strategy!

You spent hours doing gathering the right information, writing an engaging article with pictures and links but wait! Did you do keyword research and optimize your posts appropriately to ensure your content gets indexed? No matter what type of online marketing you’re doing – SEO will always be the foundation you need to build off of. To achieve the absolute best results, plan and create your content with Google and your target audiences in mind.

It’s a smart idea to optimize every piece of web content you publish, including:

website copy, landing pages, blog posts, articles, whitepapers, PDFs, online videos (including webinars), infographics, images, podcasts and audio files.

Have a Social Media Strategy

To be successful in your content marketing efforts, content creation planning is necessary as it is the base foundation for future social media marketing. The best place to start with your content planning is to gather your analytic stats on your current content marketing efforts to assess what areas need tweaking in future campaigns and what areas are doing well. This will include measuring factors such as: # of shares, # of comments, # of click-throughs, how long they stayed on the page and more.

If you’re serious about your content marketing and are ready for a solid strategy in 2014, ensure you’re utilizing the very best social media tools for your company’s needs. The right tool for you will be depend on how many clients, the amount of content to be managed and you’re budget.

Regardless of who will be the ones creating your content, ensure they are qualified to do the task and included in the web content planning stages.

Online PR Is What Separates The Pros From The Newbies

In the internet world, no matter what industry you’re in, it really has become essential to be in-the-know with top influencing bloggers, journalists and news reporters. Understanding the “who”, “what”, “when”, where” of leading social influencers will give your company the major heads up that it needs over your competition. Honestly, how many companies actively seek out PR professionals to help boost their content marketing strategy? Not as many as there should be! When building your content plan for the upcoming months, be sure to include a specific plan just for these individuals.

Traditional PR is not much different from Online PR. There are still professional rules you need to follow when reaching out via social media and email. You must have useful, interesting and engaging information without expecting anything in return. If they like your content and see you as an authority within the industry they need, they’ll probably site your content as a reference or source. However, building on-going relationships with these top influencers is the ultimate goal.

It’s also crucial they you’re able to stay on top of the latest trends in the news & social media within your industry (To say up-to-date in real time, make use of Twitter!)

Choose A Brand Leader & Let Them Be Your Guide

A company or brand leader can be an important branding tactic that can you with your company’s online PR and content strategy. Choose someone within your company to use as inspiration for your content marketing. Utilize this person’s values and personality as a leader and their contributions to your company and industry.

As you continue growing your brands online presence, mastermind with your company leader and content creation team on ways you can position your brand as a thought leaders in your industry.

How will you utilize your company leader into your web content plan? Whether it’s hosting interviews, Google Hang-Outs, contributing to guest blogs or anything else you’ve formulated – feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments – we’d love to hear what’s been working well for you in your content marketing in 2014.

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