The Importance of Taking Your Customer’s Opinions Onboard

The Importance of Taking Your Customer’s Opinions on Board

Customer opinions and feedback is important because it provides marketers and business owners with the insight on how well their business is doing, and whether any aspect of your business needs improving. By listening to what your clients and customers have to say, you gain the knowledge of bettering your products, services and even business processes. You also have the chance to stop any mistakes from arising such as disgruntled customers or distrust after experiencing a poor service. Here are reasons why you should listen to your customers, and how you can provide a better service for them.

Why You Need to Listen:

  1. Customers know what they want and what they need. You cannot guess what your customers want or need from you, instead, you need to speak to them and listen to their opinions. The more knowledgeable you are of your demographic, then your business can improve and grow around their feedback.
  2. Customers control your profits. By ignoring your customers, you are risking your profit. People may buy from you, but if they are dissatisfied and you refuse to listen to them, they will turn to your competitors and blacklist you to their friends.
  3. Feedback is a form of market research. You should be listening to your customers because it’s a form of market research that’s inexpensive and the most helpful. Listen to them, and you will get honest feedback you can use in your business plan and processes.
  4. Your business centers around them. Going into business means you want to provide something of value to your customers. If you’re in the business world to simply turn a profit, then you may want to rethink your aspirations. Everything you and your business does should be, first and foremost, for your customers, and then for yourself secondly.

How You Can Listen:

  1. Survey their opinions. Ask them to fill out a form. Not only can this give you enough information for marketing, but it can also help locate any problem areas you may have been unaware or known of, but needed confirmation. This will also make them feel more valued.
  2. Be more interactive. Improve the way your customers talk and interact with your business as a whole. Employ customer portals that allow your customers to raise queries, and have a social media team who monitors any Facebook, Instagram and Twitter activity.
  3. Implement ‘Live Chat.’ Include a ‘Live Chat’ window on your website so that your customers can raise issues or ask questions for a quick response. Nowadays, customers want results instantly, so you need to provide answers as quickly as possible.
  4. Use polls. At the end of an order, ask your customers a few questions. Use polls because they’re quick to use and can give to-the-point feedback; include a box for them to expand on their answers.

By going into business, you should be ensuring your customers are your priority. After all, your product or service is for them; therefore, without them, your business would not exist. Listen to what they have to say, otherwise your business will struggle to exist in the future.

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