Independent Dealerships Need Automotive Reputation Management More Than Franchises

Having a good reputation is important as it helps to position your automobile dealership as a market leader. Comments from clients or prospects that are harming your brand will definitely affect your sales in the long run. That’s why every dealership needs to invest in automotive reputation management alongside search engine marketing and lead generation. This is a service that allows you to keep track of everything clients are saying online regarding your brand. As a sales or internet manager, you need to concentrate on the day-to-day tasks that will keep your dealership running successfully and efficiently, you probably do not have the time to learn and perform your own marketing PLUS manage your reputation online. But there are automotive marketing consultants who can help lift the burden.

This is an age where social media has a lot of power. One or two negative comments regarding your business can create a lot of buzz and ruin your reputation within just a few hours. It is important for someone to monitor all new comments and reviews as they come in and respond accordingly.

You may decide to invest in SEO and SEM to make sure your dealership appears first place on every relevant keyword. However, your reputation is still important and having top rankings may not be of great help if you don’t keep an eye of what people are saying about your brand online. Putting money into social and local marketing alone may not be enough to solve the issue.

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of automotive reputation management, let’s look at a number of statistics regarding online reviews. Recent statistics have shown just how important reviews are to consumers. 4 out of 5 consumers will not purchase a product or service after reading a negative comment about the brand on a particular site. Research from Digital Air Strike also indicates that 69% of consumers are deciding which dealership to visit based on reading customer reviews from credible sources.

The statistics further indicate that 13.5% of consumers said that customer reviews were the only reason they chose to visit a specific dealership.

automotive reputation management

Image Source: Digital Air Strike

These numbers show the importance of reviews to businesses online and how you can grow your automotive dealership by taking advantage of these online reviews. For instance, if a client posts a negative comment regarding your product or service, you shouldn’t ignore it. People will assume whatever is written could be true and that you simply don’t care if you ignore the negative comment. You’ll end up losing a lot of customers in the long run. Automotive reputation management ensures this doesn’t occur.

If you don’t want to give other dealerships and franchises in your area the upper hand, you should consider automotive reputation marketing. Some of the dealerships don’t understand the value of having a good reputation. That’s why you need to take advantage and use this as an opportunity to stay ahead of your competition.

Auto dealer reputation management is more important for independent dealerships because you have to make a name for yourself from scratch. Unlike franchises that rely on a household name to boost their business, your independent dealership will grow or fail depending on the effort you put to enhance your reputation and company online.

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