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This company is truly a wonderful client to have with us here at Overdrive Strategies. We asked them for the keywords they were looking towards ranking, and started off with a website analysis before we began our backlink building. We aimed to build links for their initial keywords and multiple long tail phrases to deliver a great diversity for Google to see. Through proper research, on-page analysis and link planning – we were able to deliver high quality links that led to further exposure and increased rankings. We’re extremely pleased with the campaign that we delivered, and from the 5 star ratings we received regarding our service, they agree too. Overdrive accomplished SEO and back link building with increased rankings and organic traffic.

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  • You’ve literally turned a business around from the ground up. Everything was excellent, your process was speedy and you delivered 100% on everything you promised. Thank you.

    Shawn Nichols
    Shawn NicholsDaily Mail
  • Sometimes an SEO company can deliver shoddy results that make you question whether or not they really did ANY of the work they said. I’m glad to have trackable results given to me every single week from you guys. It allows me to have peace of mind and KNOW EXACTLY what you’ve done to help me grow further.

    George Lawrence
    George LawrenceMercy Designs
  • I recommend Overdrive Strategies, Dan, Sasha, Zach and everyone else there. They’ve been a considerable help in suppressing negative reviews that were posted by previous employees. It was a nightmare for about 60 days, and then when they got in the door. It was almost 30 days later and I have a 5star reputation online because what they did with Reputation Marketing.

    Carla Sims
    Carla SimsTData Systems
  • Your consultation was spot on, although I didn’t use your service – the talks we had were great and they really did help me out. Unfortunately, I just did have the extra finances to use your service just yet… I’ll be back soon though!

    Thomas Polk
    Thomas PolkThe Polk Group
  • Anyone wondering if they should use Overdrive Strategies? Well, first off. They are locally based, right here in the US. Tampa, FL so it’s not a stretch from some other SEO/Marketing companies that are overseas or across the globe. Second, they offer so much for free without asking or pressuring you on anything. Three, they educate before ANYTHING – even if you want to buy off the bat. They take the time to actually let you know what they’re doing and what you’re getting. Huge +

    Pamela Bastain
    Pamela BastainReynolds & Styles Marketing
  • A great marketing company that has helped expand our growth this quarter. Reviews ARE more powerful than you could even imagine them to be for your business. When Overdrive Strategies presented this idea – they had me 110% of the way. Thank Overdrive Strategies!

    Lydia Hyles
    Lydia HylesFlexInc
  • Great event that you put on, it was highly educational. I’m still going through the manual and I’m about half way done now. Superb training session, amazing that you finished everything in 60 minutes… you were going a mile a minute! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE WEBINAR’S BY OVERDRIVE STRATEGIES!!!

    Kimberly Yates
    Kimberly YatesKnight Media Group
  • Thank you Zachary for walking, talking, holding my hand through this whole process. It was a dream come true to find someone who was doing EXACTLY what I was thinking about for my business. I saw what Google had done by showcasing reviews online. When I saw your email, I knew I had to come to the event. I’m glad I did. I’m even more glad I decided to use your service… you’ve under-promised and over-delivered.

    Beverly Gaines
    Beverly GainesColeman Products
  • Thank you so much for the excellent quality of material that you presented. I’ll probably be leaving another review that’s longer once I’ve had a chance to go over the manual you gave us, see your video about your packages, and learn more about what you do. But thus far, you’ve done a fantastic job!

    Martin Vorten
    Martin VortenVorten Media
  • 5-stars. A+. 100%. AAA Rating. Diamond Standard. And everything else you can think of… Thanks!

    Dennis Newsome
    Dennis NewsomeWriteRight
  • Overdrive Strategies has put us in front of the competition completely. At first, I thought their services were overpriced - I was truly mistaken for what quality costs nowadays in the Internet world. If you want a GUARANTEE (and someone willing to actually put their money where their mouth is) and you need the job done right, the first time, then I would highly recommend Zachary, Sasha, Dan and the entire team at Overdrive Strategies for anyone. In total they gave my website the make over of a life time and sales have almost DOUBLED since their fingerprints were left on our business. Let me know if there is anywhere else I can post this testimonial for you Zach.

    Anders McDonald
    Anders McDonaldFlexInc
  • Zachary - after all this time I've never really gotten to thank you for all the wonderful support that you have given me. While I started with just some keyword research for $50 a while back - now here I am PAGE 1 of GOOGLE for my website and the sales are coming in after such a long time of never getting traffic. The Google ranking that you gave me has literally helped my business to not just survive, but to actually THRIVE! Thank you!

    Janet Dorman
    Janet DormanLocal Splash
  • What Zach and the whole team at Overdrive Strategies has done for us is truly remarkable. It seems like just yesterday we started with Reputation Managment and recovering from some negative reviews. Now we not only have a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Google, but we also have an entire campaign to rank for 20 keywords in Google. So far Zach and his team has reached their goal of ranking 17 of these terms in less than 60 days! I cannot wait to see what they do with the final 30!!!

    David Quinn
    David QuinnQuinn Accounting and Taxes
  • I recommend Zach more often to my friends who own businesses than I talk about my own business sometimes! When you have a company that delivers an 800% ROI (and keeps delivering it) you know you're in good hands with your marketing! There is almost no end to the things I can say about Zach, but overall I just want everyone to know that he has done every single thing he promised us on DAY 1.

    Darlene Vogel
    Darlene VogelKnight Media Group
  • We are a franchise where our corporate support manages much of our social media. With corporates permission and our outside vendor, Zachary went in and changed the “search words” so that we would have more hits with the type of lead we wanted to attract on our website. Also, prior to any of this he claimed all of our google pages, yelp, etc. Our corporate office is just beginning to do this for the over 100 locations and he did this almost 6 months ago. We have a lot of testimonials but did not know how to get those out there to affect our Google ranking. I don’t know about you but when we took our vacation last summer Google was our guide on where to eat! It never failed us. We are beginning to see the results of his efforts (he checks frequently and we rank #1 in furniture and #10 in cabinetry) as this month has been our best month for revenue in almost 2 years. Plus Zachary showed us where we were flat lined on hits at the website and they went up expidentially. I am the expert at what I do and he is the expert at what he does. We couldn’t have done it without his efforts and direction and we now have allotted this in our marketing dollars every month. Let me know if I can help further.

    Michelle Mitchell
    Michelle MitchellColeman Products
  • I have worked with a number of small companies like Zach's, and I simply cannot say enough about his performance. He is available when I need him, does what he says he will do, and overall has been GREAT to work with. I could not be more pleased, and would (and do) advise others to seriosuly consider his services!

    Jeff Tate
    Jeff TateReynolds and Styles Marketing
  • I would like to thank Zach and the Overdrive Strategies team. In the ten months in Style Salon has been working with Overdrive Strategies we have seen a 200% growth. they were able to help us with our website also, long story short within 30 days of them recreating our website to its full capability and using the right keywords we are now ranked number 1 on Google. If you have a business that is struggling or you just want to make more profits I highly recommend using Overdrive Strategies.

    Diane Mosely
    Diane MoselyMy SEO Guys
  • Whether you're looking for reputation, seo, sms marketing or just need consultation for a better marketing strategy, Zachary has always been there for us. I'm glad to have him just a phone call away for us. There has been times where we needed a strategy for a new marketing campaign, and when we called Zachary he was able to deliver phenominal results for us.

    Regina Jameson
    Regina JamesonColumbia IT Solutions
  • I highly recommend Overdrive Strategies to anyone looking to pulling the trigger for any of their services, especially SEO and Reputation Marketing!!!
    One call sold me... I'm glad I was sold instantly.

    Francine Lowery
    Francine LoweryKlein & Klein Law Office
  • Over and over again Overdrive keeps taking us to the top of Google. We have opened multiple locations simply because of the ranking ability that Overdrive has delivered to us in Google. We literally gained the ability to make a new location profitable in less than 90 days with Overdrive's SEO, Reputation and Maps Marketing programs. Whenever we go to open a new location, we immediately create a unique website for the location, and then call Zack to initiate a campaign for the new location. Within months, usually weeks, we are PAGE 1 for our keywords. The traffic that comes in from those keywords results in us being able to open multiple locations at once without as much investment and larger ROIs in the first 90 days. Thank you Overdrive Strategies.

    Arnold Lewis
    Arnold LewisDaily Mail
  • What a great help you guys have been, it's really been a turn-around thought process with these new ideas. And you two really are full of them... thank you, Charles.

    Charles Pincer
    Charles PincerMail Watch
  • I've used Overdrive Strategies for about 60 days now - and the SEO is phenomenal to say the least - great automotive marketing consultants here. They really do offer the best automotive reputation management services I've seen. Even past Cobalt for reputation management and DAS for Search Marketing. I'm impressed by what they've offered - and with a PAGE 1 GUARANTEE - there's little you have to lose. Pluse, if they don't rank you for a keyword - you get your money back for whatever they didn't rank, but they ranked me for everything, AND I'M HAPPY TO PAY FOR THAT!

    Joshua Epstein
    Joshua EpsteinABC Auto
  • I would like to thank Zack and the Overdrive Strategies team. In the ten months in Style Salon has been working with Overdrive Strategies we have seen a 200% growth. they were able to help us with our website also, long story short within 30 days of them recreating our website to its full capability and using the right keywords we are now ranked number 1 on Google. If you have a business that is struggling or you just want to make more profits I highly recommend using Overdrive Strategies.

    Micah Beal
    Micah Bealin Style Salon
  • I have been using Reputation Marketing for the past several months and could not be happier, in fact when Zachary call me a few weeks ago to upgrade through Google Maps I did not hesitate because our business has grown every month. We recently opened a second location and the exciting part was within one hour of opening we received a call from a client that said "I found your place by looking on the internet." Our first week in business we had nine clients who found us that way. My first thought about Reputation Marketing was, "I don't think I can afford that," my thinking now is "I can't afford to be without it!" It has made that much of a difference.

    David Miller
    David Millerin Style Salon
  • The Team at Overdrive Strategies has hit it out of the park! They are so good, I pray my competitors don't find them. Thanks again Overdrive.

    Ken Childs
    Ken ChildsParamount Investigations
  • PAGE 1 in 90 days for unbelievably hard to rank keywords... I know - I've had 3 other companies fail over 2 years, to do what they did in 90 days. As far as the SEO Services Tampa FL has to offer - Overdrive Strategies is by far the best Tampa SEO company I have had the pleasure of working with. Our location has literally been able to close 250% more sales after the first 90 days with Zach, Sasha, Dan and their team! I love what has happened with my business and I can't stop myself from name dropping them to all my friends whenever I hear they are having trouble with their marketing, looking to get PAGE 1 of GOOGLE or just about anything else to get your Lead Gen System going... As far as SEO in Sarasota and SEO Tampa FL is concerned - they are you're ONLY CHOICE YOU NEED TO MAKE for your business to succeed.

    Katherine Miller
    Katherine MillerDirectBuy of Sarasota
  • I recently went to Overdrive Strategies simply looking for some sales advice on a current site I have and ended up using them for ALL of my website marketing! Zach gets 5 stars in my book! He took the time to give me a free 15 minute consultation, where he knowledgeably broke down for me exactly what needed to be done to meet my goals and quoted me a very fair price! And when it came time to deliver, man are these guys FAST! Zach and his team was able to get my new WP site off the ground and running smoothly in just 10 days! I'm still amazed at the work they've done - my site is getting more traffic and conversions then its had in 3 years!!! I actually get excited when I come to you for any of my marketing needs because I know you provide the best solutions for the best price! Thanks guys for all your hard work! NEVER STOP!

    Josh Gorman
    Josh Gorman
  • I am delighted with the service I received... especially from Sasha Miller who set up my social media platform. She has erased all my excuses for not using social media. I truly appreciate what she has done.

    Richard Gordon
    Richard GordonRichard Gordon Publishing
  • I have seen nothing but good reports come from Overdrive Strategies and I am happy to say I am a follower of that! David Miller was ecstatic to tell me about what Zach had done for his salon, In Style Spa-Salon, and how he had really seen an improvement in just a few months... I am now feeling the exact same way too! Thank you Overdrive Strategies.

    Gaye Fith
    Gaye FithCutting Loose
  • Sasha provided excellent seo service to a few of my websites. The turnaround time is fast and always delivered what was promised!

    John Wai
    John WaiMei Kitchens
  • Outstanding Experience! I was left with such a wonderful ranking - it's hard to question when they present you with another idea to double your marketing budget... You just know it's going to pay off!

    Kyle Peters
    Kyle PetersSearch X
  • I hired Overdrive Strategies to help me out with some SEO on my website. All I can say is that they provided more than expected and did it in less time than expected. I am very satisfied with their work. I'll be knocking on their door again!

    Jeff Lewis
    Jeff LewisPsychic Reviews
  • From step 1 all the way down to day 90 when all of our business listings went up to a 5 star ranking! We have been in love with what you have done, business has been booming now and it is all because of what you are doing. I do not really know what all you are doing - BUT IT IS WORKING AMAZINGLY!

    James Sasts
    James SastsToyota of Hollywood
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