How To Re-write An Article For Web Content


How to Re-write an Article for Web Content

How to Re-write an Article for Web Content
Reading content on a computer screen is different than reading it from а book. The many reasons for this are beyond the range of this post, but it is significant for you to keep these facts in mind when re-writing an article for your website content.

Before we get into the actual writing part, let’s quickly go over some significant facts about reading online in general.
In “Don’t Make Me Think” (a ground-breaking book on user-friendly web development) Steve Krug, instructs that all users come to your website with a need of some kind or another –they are actively looking for a solution.

Your ultimate goal is to make it simple for users to locate what they are looking for on your site.

If they have to dig and work to find what they’re looking for—you can be sure they’ll leave.

In fact 93% of first time website visitors only stay on a site for 8-10 sec. before deciding to browse further or leave.”

When contemplating how to re-write an article, keep in mind your readers want to:

–Quickly access the material
— Find what they want,

–Get on with their day!
The following facts will help you make it easy & simple for visitors to find what they’re looking for by utilizing well written copy and proper formatting techniques.

We Scan When We Read:
People are not going to read every single word from start to finish, when visitors land on your post. They will read the heading and the first sentence. After that point, their eyes will start going down the page, pausing at pictures, headings, bullet points and lists.

When you rewrite article, compose it in an inverted, pyramid fashion with your most important advice first in the article, sentences and the headings. If you wait until ending or the middle to eventually give what they are looking for, your readers may get impatient and leave. Give them the great stuff first!

People Tend To Read in an F-Shape
Readers eyes first read horizontally. Then, the eyes drop down а bit and read across a slightly shorter distance and finally the eyes begin а decent down the left side of the page.

  • To make your article rewriter creates totally readable material.
  • Place the advice that is most significant on your web page’s left-hand side.
  • Use bullet points, headings and lists that are bolded to bring your readers’ focus as they move down the page.


  • Think very carefully about the top 4-5 matters you want your online readers to learn when creating your bullets, headings, and lists.


White Space Is Good

Text that is crammed together with few breaks or spaces on a page is a huge turn-off to readers.

Keep Titles, Posts & Images Relevant & Easy To Find

They simply won’t stick around if they cannot find the information they’re looking for can’t be found quickly and easily. As you think about how to re-write an article, remember to spread the text out with short paragraphs, bullets, and plenty of spacing, graphics and proper formatting.
People Love Graphics, Images & Video!
Eye tracking studies reveal users spending time gazing at graphics and pictures.
Do not overdo it, but including at least one graphic per article will make your post more attractive and more likely to attract more readers.

Use Clear, Brief Sentences
Web readers favour clear commonly used vocabulary and sentences that are straight-to-the-point. Unnecessary words and convoluted sentences are another big turn off.

Simply Remember: Keep It Simple & Straightforward.

Janice (Ginny) Redish wrote one of the most useful books on writing for web content. It’s called “Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content That Works

Her advice: Get rid of unnecessary words, keep sentences short, and get to your point quickly!

This is priceless guidance for you as you rewrite your article posts. More conversions aren’t created by more words. Conversions are started by clear and comprehensible words. Of course that is not to say use dumbed down stuff; your readers come to you looking for value. However, it does mean that you can focus on getting your main points across and leave out the “fluff”.
Save Time & Get An Article Rewriter

If you’re looking for a good article rewriter for your content creation needs and need something quick, user-friendly and with an affordable price tag, I highly recommend WordAI article rewrite tool. Although many people frown upon spun content in 2014, I say as long as your content is relevant, gives value, is over 80% unique and 100% CopyScape passable – go for it! I use WordAI for my own sites and my clients alike. Word AI article spinner uses artificial intelligence to read the article like a human would and produces human-readable content in just a single spin! At first I thought it sounded too good to be true but honestly after the 3-day Free Trial, I feel in love with it. It’s quite frankly the best article spinner software I’ve ever used and I’ve tried all of best out there – The Best Spinner, Kontent Machine, Spinner Chief…NONE OF THEM CAN COMPARE WITH THE QUALITY OF WORDAI!

I’ll be up front, you still have to go through the article once after it’s been spun and “clean it up” to produce front-page quality articles but the quality of Word AI’s spinning far outweighs ever other spinner. It saves me so much time in having to produce enough unique and valuable content for all of my clients sites. I used to spend hours edited the spin syntax by hand with article spinners like The Best Spinner. Now it only takes me a few minutes to briefly edit an article.

Wordai really is the smartest article rewriter tool I’ve ever used! Get your Free 3-Day Trial here!


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