Reputation Marketing Now Critical To Your Business Success

Reputation marketing why it’s critical to your success

Do you know that every day there are people, that are buyers either searching for your business or one similar to it? The most important question to follow the previous question is, “Who should they do business with? I hope your answer is YOURS!

Negative or Bad Reviews Will Affect All of Your Marketing Efforts – Even Local SEO

Try this real quick, go to your computer and type in Dentist + Chicago and look what pulls up – the business reputation. You will see the reputation of that Dentist and what will stand out more than anything is when they click on the links and find bad reviews – decisions will be made instantly to look for another Dentist.

It is the same for people searching for your business or businesses like yours – the first thing they will see is the negative reviews posted about you or your company. Yes they may find good reviews, but which review speaks louder, positive or negative? If you had 1 positive review and 3 negative ones, what are prospective clients or customers going to use to make their decision? Even if they are just looking for your phone number and address and they come across your negative reputation – you may lose that potential customer.

This is the shift and most of your competitors are unaware of this shift. Reviews are showing up all over the web, in organic, Pay Per Click, local directory sites like Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and City Search. Reviews whether they are positive or negative are showing up and your customers are making their decision based on what others are saying.

What are you doing about it? You need to stay ahead of your competition and be out front and be proactive with reputation marketing for your business. Don’t let your first impression online of your company be a negative one. Remember, only 1 negative review can be detrimental to your business.

Is Your Business Trustworthy? It Depends Upon The Number Of Reviews Your Company Has

online reputation marketing

As I said, every day people are searching online for a business similar to yours that they feel they can trust and is respectable. If they search for your company or a company like yours and they see that you don’t have many positive reviews and even just one negative review, that customer will be GONE! They will continue to search down the list until they find a small business with great reviews that they can trust and would actually refer a friend of their too as well. Understand this: Without reviews the credibility of your company is minimal.

Reputation Marketing Is The Most Important Aspect of Your Advertising Efforts

Now there is some POSITIVE news about the negative or bad reviews online is that I know exactly what to do in order to assess your current online reputation and what steps need to be taken in order to begin to build a 5 Star Reputation for your business. My goal is for you and your company to become the Go To Business in your community and leading that way is with Reputation Marketing.

My expertise is in helping companies just like yours that provide the best goods and services to your communities put together an online reputation marketing strategy to again see where you currently are and what we can do to take you to the next level and build that 5 Star Reputation to begin to get you more new customers and make and even bigger impact on your community.

I want potential customers to find you and your business and get them to pick up the phone and give you a call and NOT your competition.

Just click here if you want to do a quick check on what your current reputation is.

So regardless of what you find, whether it be that you have no reviews, which is just as bad in the eye of the consumer as multiple negative reviews, I can easily turn that around and begin to build your 5 Star Online Reputation Marketing strategy and get your phone ringing with new customers right away!

Go to and set up an time so we can begin the process of making you your very own Reputation Marketing Strategy making you the Go To business in your community!

What else you need to know about reputation marketing for your business.

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