Reputation Marketing – What It Can Do For Your Business

Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing Will Get Your Business A 5-Star Reputation

Your name is worth its weight in gold with the five-star reputation. 

If you don’t know by now reputation marketing is all about positioning your business in front of thousands of local buyers as the marketing leader in your industry.  We know that a business’s reputation determines their profits & potential growth which is determined by their customer satisfaction.  If the customers are NOT happy-they will NOT be coming back to buy again or even worse leave a bad review online (which cannot be removed- let no one fool you about this).  In fact the only way to boost a reputation score online is by boosting more five-star reviews from 100% REAL satisfied customers!

How Reputation Marketing Boosts Your Online Reputation Score

Everybody has a bad day or experience one time or another – bad reviews do happen-but what is your reputation marketing plan for when they do?  Like we mentioned before, bad reviews cannot magically be deleted.  There are really only two strategies here for how we can boost your business’s reputation.

#1- getting more five-star reviews from real satisfied customers to drown out the bad reviews online, dust averaging your overall online reputation score.

#2- setting up your own personal review page for your business were all your customers can go to leave reviews for you. At Overdrive Strategies we set up for you on our proprietary reputation marketing system, your own customizable review page which allows us to upload customer reviews for you-(something that businesses cannot do by themselves due to the necessity of changing IP addresses and collecting a paper trail in order to prove review authenticity)  If bad reviews are left on your personal review page our system goes through and only uploads reviews of four stars and above. However you and your staff will still be notified about the bad reviews so that you can respond accordingly, find out how you may make service better for them  and hopefully have the unhappy customer change the review and get that negative review turned into a five-star review-possibly through a discounted or free service.

No Matter how great a strategy reputation marketing can bring to your business-At the end of the day- your business’s reputation & reviews will only be as great as your quality & customer service

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